Our photographic services cover a wide range.  Fix, adjust, preserve, or restore life's precious moments.




Artistic Enhancements to photos are a way to create the perfect gift - for yourself or someone very special.  At DigitalPro Audio Video Services, we utilize many creative techniques to create art from your photo.  Imagine the thrill of "colorizing" an old wedding photograph to give as a milestone anniversary gift!   Check out examples of these and other ideas in our gallery.

Sometimes you capture the perfect picture but there are those other times, when the color isn't quite what you saw or the lighting needs adjustment.  When this happens, the team at DigitalPro Audio Video Services can usually correct, or at least improve, the photo.






Photo by shvili/iStock / Getty Images


                                                                            Does your photo represent you looking your very best?  At DigitalPro Audio Visual Services, we retouch photos to bring out your very best without going over the top.  Our philosophy about retouching is that all work should be virtually invisible and that our clients should always look natural.  


Photo by LiliGraphie/iStock / Getty Images


                                                                          Before digital photography, photos were printed on paper.   Over time, the paper scratches, the borders tear, and the colors can fade.  At DigitalPro Audio and Visual Services, we take great care in digitally repairing these precious photos.  We will examine your photos and give you a realistic expectation of what to expect at the completion of the digital restoration.  You will receive the restored photo(s) in the digital format that best works for you:  a digital file for upload, a DVD, or a media card.   Note: All original paper photos will be returned to you.