Improving poor sound quality, converting your vinyl records to digital formats, or creating a favorite custom song mix, we make it work.


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DigitalPro Audio Visual Services utilizes the power of Logic Pro and other software tools to enhance and ramp-up your audio.  If you have studio tracks, we can remix them at a fraction of commercial engineering costs.













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Do  you have a stack of vinyl records sitting on the shelf and want to put them in your computer or smart phone?   DigitalPro Audio Visual Services can convert your vinyl to digital. No need to miss out on that music you used to listen to!    




Audio work is priced at $60 per studio hour with a one hour minimum.



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      CUSTOMIZED         MUSIC CD 

The team at DigitalPro Audio Visual Services will prepare a customized music CD or digital file, whether by a list of songs you provide or by an event theme.  We have a digital music library of thousands of titles available and can take your list and provide similar artist fill-in music between your selections or work with you to make something totally customized. The possibilities are endless!